Belarusian Women's Political Party "Nadzeya" ("Hope")

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Contact Information
Mission Statement
Program and History
Party Ratings (Nadzeya is still #1 in the nation)
Current Projects with International Organizations
Round Table of August 21, 1996, where seven opposition political parties appealed to impeach the President
Golden Policy Centre, charitable organization created by the Party "Nadzeya" to help crippled children
Nadezhda Foundation, U.S.-based organization working with the Party "Nadzeya" to assist Belarusian women

Symbols of the Party "Nadzeya"

Woman on the background of the Belarus' flagBelarus in woman's handsBelarus' woman

Contact information of the Party "Nadzeya"

Contact InformationContact Information


21 Masherov Ave, Suite 707
Minsk 220126, Belarus

Phone: 011-375-17-223-8957
Fax: 011-375-17-223-9040
e-mail: [email protected]

Telephone numbers of regional and sub-regional offices:

Baranovichi: 011-375-1634-751-89
Gomel: 011-375-232-533-841
Grodno: 011-375-152-472-945
Mogilev: 011-375-222-253-706
Molodechno: 011-375-1773-503-88
Orsha: 011-375-2161-240-23
Svetlogorsk: 011-375-2342-260-42

Adminstration of the Party "Nadzeya"

Valentina Polevikova, President of Party NadzeyaPresident:

Valentina Polevikova

Senior Vice Presidents:

Regina A. Davidovich
Lyudmila F. Grushetskaya


A.N. Danilina, Chairman of Mogilev regional board of Chemical Trade Unions
I.A. Ivanova, Ph.D. in Economics, professor of Accounting
M.I. Ivanovskaya, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, physician
N.D. Kochetkova, president of a health club
V.S. Leonchikova, Ph.D. in Economics, Senior Vice President of the International Marketing Club
E.N. Makeeva, Ph.D. in Biology, head scientist in the Scientific Research Institute (NII) of Genetics and Cytology of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences
L.I. Matskevich, Ph.D. in Economics, Vice President (Prorector) of the Belarusian Agricultural Technical University (BATU)
O.A. Oleks, assistant professor of the National Institute of Professional Education
G.N. Pirozhnik, Head of the Organizing Committee of the National Health Care Trade Unions
O.N. Phillipova, president of a small enterprise
L.M. Starostinetskaya, Director of Minsk High School #123
I.F. Shilkon', Chairman of the Board of Grodno regional Trade Unions
L.A. Shukan, Ph.D. in Biology, scientist of the Scientific Research Institute (NII) of Criminology
V.G. Ugolnik, Chairman of the Trade Union of Minsk Plant of Automatic Lines

Mission Statement of the Party "Nadzeya"

Prioritizing protection of family, motherhood, and childhood, "Nadzeya" is a party of civil progress and democratic reforms, a party of social justice and global human values, a party of economic and political freedom.

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Program and History of the Party "Nadzeya"

Party "Nadzeya" was created on April 28, 1994. On June 3, 1994 it was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Belarus as #23. The members of the Party are representatives of local labor unions, active leaders of the trade unions and various women's movements of Belarus, as well as unemployed women. The membership is about 5,500 people. The party contains 39 head offices all across the country, and four regional branches (Belarus has six territorial regions). It is currently the only women's political party in Belarus of all 34 political parties.

The Party has been created to attract women to active social-political activities, to make them participate in conducting social and economic reforms, to build a democratic legal form of government based on the principles of law, freedom, justice, and humanism.

The "Nadzeya" party has had high political rankings since its creation. In most political polls it is ranked number one among all 34 political parties of Belarus. The Party keeps close contacts with all political organizations of Belarus. It participates in actions organized by the opposition. Thirty four members of the party "Nadzeya" were the candidates to the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus. During last year's election, however, the election was shut down by President Alexander Lukashenko. Instead, he initiated a controversial referendum on November 24, 1996. Just before the referendum, together with seven other leading political opposition parties, the "Nadzeya" party was initiator of the so called "Round Table", one of the most famous political actions against the President's policy. After the referendum, the political situation in the country has changed dramatically. The "Nadzeya" party, as well as the other political opposition parties, have become practically forbidden.

Besides the Chernobyl tragedy, Belarus currently has a very serious demographic and economic situation. The number of unemployed women has drastically increased. The number of diseased women, single mothers, children without parents, extremely poor families is rising as well. That is why the main direction of the "Nadzeya" party is to solve specific social problems, to support needy women, to help families with many children, and other categories of socially weak groups. For this reason the "Nadzeya" party and the trade unions created the social-educational center "Nadzeya" and discussion club "Nadzeya" to make it at least a little easier to work in our difficult political environment.

The Party has close contacts with many international women's organizations, specifically, with the Women's Party of Lithuania, Japanese Women's Organization "For Chernobyl Victims", social-democratic parties of Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Poland, as well as women's organizations in the United States.

Current Projects of the Party "Nadzeya" with International Organizations

"Women in Entrepreneurship" seminar, August 1999, Minsk, Belarus. Organized by party "Nadzeya", Nadezhda Foundation (Dallas, Texas), and The Caruth Institute of Owner-Managed Business, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas).
Women's Civic Initiatives Cross-Mentoring Program. Headed by Anne Broderick Zill, [email protected], President of Women's Center for Ethics in Action at the University of New England, Portland, Maine.
Networking, Coalition Building and Campaign Management in Belarus. Headed by Barbara Ferris, [email protected], President of the International Women's Democracy Center, Washington, D.C.
Women's Small Business Incubators in Belarus. Headed by William S. Mallios, [email protected], Director of Newly Independent States (NIS) Programs in California State University, Fresno.
Women and Chernobyl. Headed by Reiko Watanuki, Director of Japan Women's Network. Joint Nadzeya Party and Japan Women's Network Symposium on Chernobyl, October 1998, Minsk, Belarus.

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